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Edinburgh University Korfball Club

Korfball is a fast-paced indoor team sport, with teams of 4 boys and 4 girls aiming to shoot a korfball into the korf - essentially a smaller, taller, more yellow basketball hoop. It's a great University sport for two major reasons: Firstly, almost everyone who joins the sport starts at the same level - complete ignorance. Secondly, it's a mixed sex sport. Who else does that? No one. We're the bomb. (ed. okay, frisbee also does that, stop hounding me) A few rules: You can't move with the ball. Boys can only mark boys, girls can only mark girls. You can't shoot if you're being DEFENDED by your opponent, which means he or she is close enough to block the ball if you were to shoot. And so the game is all about using your teammates to create enough space to get a shot away, through fast pacing, clever movement, or just running really really fast. Oh, and the posts are 3.5 metres high, so your first goal is usually accompanied by elaborate celebration and tequila. Interested? Check out our events in Freshers Week or our facebook group or just come down to training and see for yourself (see training times). Any questions, drop us an email: korfball@ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
Edinburgh University Korfball Club4 hours ago
New year new you? Decided you want to get fit in this year, meet new people or just try something different? Come give korfball a go! We have our open training/give it a go session tomorrow from 16:30-18:30 (Wednesday) in St Lenoards Land main hall, everyone from complete beginners who have never played before to pros welcome!
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
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Edinburgh University Korfball Club
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What an amazing result from BUCS prelims. Our Edinburgh University 1 ranked 1st, undefeated in a single match and with a goal deficit of +39 goals. They will go through to regionals along with Edinburgh University 2, who smashed their last game of the day, scoring 12-1 against Saint Andrews 2, to place them 5th overall. Edinburgh University 3 put in an unbelievable effort and will be moving on to the Northern qualifier.

Well done all those who played and thanks for a great day!
Edinburgh University Korfball Club
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Some pictures from today’s training!
Our third team’s t-shirts came
just in time for a little #ThisGirlCan picture.
Korfball is a fantastic sport for promoting equality and showing what can working as a team can do.
Its also amazing to see so many people come along each week, and we hope it continues into next semester.
All the best to those playing at BUCS!

1993/94 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2001/02 - 1st Place - National Championshipsgold-trophy

2005/06 - 2nd Place - National Championshipssilver-trophy

2015/16 - 3rd Place - National Trophy bronze-trophy