Location: Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

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Lancaster University Korfball Club

Korfball - The world's favourite mixed sex sport. Korfball is a fast, mixed-sex sport a bit like basketball or netball. We're a fast-growing club - we currently have two permanent teams, our first team play at the regional level and our second team at the local level - and we also go to tournaments all over the country from Bristol to St. Andrews! We also host our own tournament at the beginning of first term so you can get a head start learning! We compete at the highest level of student Korfball (the BUCS competition) and we are rapidly improving year after year. This year we will be hosting BUCS Regionals in January 2016! We're looking for players to represent Lancaster so if you fancy it come and give it a go. We realise that you probably haven't heard of korfball so don't worry! We are about teaching people to play from all ability ranges and everyone currently in the club hadn't played or heard of korfball before freshers week. We like to encourage everyone to come down and have a go! We're very welcoming and super fun! We have loads of different socials - including standard going out, pub golf, meals, film watching, bowling etc. We're a mixed sex sport so not only do you get to play with the opposite sex but you also get to socialise all together and this creates a great atmosphere within our club. Feel free to send any of us a facebook message or email korfball@lancaster.ac.uk, visit lukorf.co.uk or join our group: 'Lancaster Korfball Club 2015/16' Looking forward to seeing you all at one of our training sessions!