BSKA Chairman Rob Bloomer releases an open statement…


BSKA British Student Korfball

Dear colleagues,


I hope that for all of you the season is going well so far, those of you that have taken part in a preliminary qualifying round of BUCS have enjoyed the experience and those of you still waiting to go are excited to get started! Thank you to all those helping to run our new and massively increased BUCS competition structure this year alongside building your own clubs.

This short letter is to inform you that, in the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the British Student Korfball Association, which will take place in March 2015, I will not be looking to continue as chairperson of the BSKA. I know also, although I will not speak for any individuals, that several other members of the executive will also be relinquishing their positions. For me personally there are several reasons behind this:

1) two years ago at the AGM, we introduced the ability for non students to be involved in the executive committee, as long as when a person was first elected to the executive they were a current student. I believe this should go a little further and that a person should only be able to do this for two years. Much like the sabbatical officers at your student union, this is for two reasons- to make sure a membership organisation stays relevant to it’s membership and to ensure that one person or groups views do not control what has to be an ever evolving organisation;

2) I am proud that our executive have made some huge changes, with your help and on your behalf. With the effort that the executive has put into the substantial changes taking place it is easy to believe what we have built is perfect!! With that in mind it will be the perfect time to step away and let fresh eyes take on the task, and make changes to further benefit the BSKA’s membership;

3) At last year’s AGM I think we got the election process very wrong. I think (mistakenly) some of the committee did not make it clear that we did not intend to be re-elected to the executive. Certainly I wasn’t planning on being here again! I want to make sure that right from now everyone that may yet choose to run for a position doesn’t feel under pressure because of returning candidates- we need you to take charge!

So what do we need from people looking to be the executive committee of the BSKA next year? Well it’s pretty simple at the most basic level. We need people who are passionate about developing student korfball in the UK. We now have a competition structure that allows us to grow exponentially, so the focus can become about tinkering with the competition format and refining it, while developing existing clubs and introducing new clubs into the format. One thing is for certain, student korfball has to keep growing to maintain it’s level of importance within BUCS, which clubs unanimously told us was important to them. With this as an objective, in all fairness it’s worth saying that this should absolutely be the BSKA’s goal anyway- delivering growth in student korfball to raise the student experience, develop more and more leaders from University Korfball Clubs and provide volunteers that go on to help run our local community clubs as coaches, committee members, referees and players.

In the two years that I’ve been privileged to look after the BSKA Executive, we have:

1) Fundamentally changed the BUCS Competition format, raising student participation in BUCS by over 100%

2) Turned the BSKA into an organisation that turns over 500% more resource than in 2013, explicitly to develop the student korfball experience- we remain a non profit organisation.

3) Massively boosted the activity levels of the British Student Korfball Squad, hopefully culminating in a University World Cup being hosted by the BSKA and EKA next April (2015)

4) The website and media presence you are reading this letter on!

So what will you do? I guess most importantly we should talk about what support you will have in doing it. Firstly this year we are working with Norfolk Knowledge, a volunteer business consultancy of retired business professionals, to help make our financial controls strong, transparent and safe. With an increase in funds, comes an increase in the executive’s responsibility to make good and proper use of that money, and we will have all processes in place before the new executive continue the association’s work. We also hope to leave you with great relationships with The Home Nations NGBs, as we recognise that all of our goals are ultimately aligned- just with our own ways of getting there! Most importantly, when you (yes you!) become an exec member, the current executive will not just disappear- we’ll be there to advise you when requested, although we won’t be stepping in all the time- it’ll be your association!

I hope you will join me in congratulating everyone in student korfball for taking a brave and massive step forward in the development of student korfball during this season, and urge you while you are running your club, attending a preliminary, planning to host a tournament, or even just at one of your socials or committee meetings, to consider very seriously how you would make this association better, and then come and do it!

Elections will be publicised heavily in the New Year, but start thinking about it now!



BSKA Chairman


Do you have feedback or questions for us? email studentkorfball@gmail.com to get in touch with the executive committee