Avon Tyrrell – Coaching Course Review

The BSKA caught up with Nottingham University’s Stewart McConvery and Kerry Bray of Lancaster University after  Avon Tyrrell 2014 to find out more about their motives for going, their experience and what the future is for them. Both achieved a level 2 coaching qualification with Kerry receiving a commendation and top of class score for her efforts…

1) why did you decide to go to Avon Tyrrell?

Stewart – I wanted to go to Avon Tyrrell, to gain more understanding about korfball and improve my own game. As well as getting trained to be a coach.

Kerry –  I’d heard amazing things about it and wanted to improve my coaching and playing.

2) What will you be using your qualification for at your club?

Kerry – I’ll be taking whole club and first team sessions, getting beginners into the sport as well as prepping my team for BUCS and the league.

Stewart – With my qualification I will coach the 2nd team, in their league and into BUCS competition as well as taking an hour and a half session every week.

3) You had some of the best coaches in the country teaching you- what have you learnt from them this week?

Stewart – I learnt a lot more about the sport itself so I can now be confident in what I’m saying when teaching others, but also how to engage people you are coaching in a way that gives you respect.

Kerry – So much – for me the style of coaching was a big thing I picked up on, I’ve learnt ways to engage players properly in thinking about their game, also picked up a much better understanding of the game for myself which will definitely help me teach others.

Kerry (Front, third from right) and Stewart (Back, second from right) go back to their Universities with level 2 coaching qualifications.
Kerry (Front, third from right) and Stewart (Back, second from right) go back to their Universities with level 2 coaching qualifications.

4) what was the hardest part of the course for you?

Kerry – the coaching assessment, personally I get very nervous in any kind of assessment – but I feel like the pressure of that has given me a lot more confidence to go back and give non assessed training sessions, and I learnt a lot from it so it was more than worth it.

Stewart – Apart from been very physically demanding, I found the toughest part the preparation of the coaching assessment, every moment leading up to it I was stressed and over thinking. But once it started I felt comfortable.

5) what have you gained from the week apart from a qualification?

Stewart – Again confidence to coach, more knowledge of the sport and apparently improved my own game after winning most improved boy.

Kerry – confidence – working with so many experienced and talented people for the week has really boosted it and now I feel like I can do so much than before, also gained a tan, and a lot of new korf friends.

6) controversial, but who is a better coach out of you both?!

Kerry – haha, its difficult to compare, but with Stew’s enthusiasm and my organisation we’d make an ultimate coaching team.

Stewart – I Agree with Kerry we would make the perfect team, with her 87.5% commendation and my personality.

7) Finally, when Lancaster and Nottingham play during the season, who’s going to come out on top?

Kerry – Lancs obviously, I’ll just bring a dog whistle to distract Stewart with and then the game’s ours!

Stewart – Behave!


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