Important Changes made to Regional Qualifiers 2013 Format

Following feedback from the club committees at Leeds University, Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University, the BSKA will be changing the format of the second stage of BUCS Regional Qualifiers for next weekend. The tournament format will now be as follows:

1) Round Robin format in pools (as picked previously) which follows exactly the format as previously given:

The pools for Southern regional qualifiers to take place on 23/11/13 in Birmingham are:

South A: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Essex, Oxford, Reading

South B: Cambridge, Exeter, Gloucestershire, Kent, Southampton

The pools for Northern regional qualifiers to take place on 23/11/13 in Leeds are:

North A: Edinburgh, Keele, Lancaster, Leeds Metropolitan, Manchester, Nottingham

North B: Leeds, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield University, St Andrews, UEA

2) Following the pools, the teams ranked 1,2 and 3 in each pool will form a top pool of 6 to play for positions 1-6 including all seeded positions.

Teams ranked 4, 5 and 6 (Pool A) and 4 and 5 (Pool B) will form a pool of five playing for positions 7-11.

Results between teams in the top and bottom pools will be carried forwards to the afternoon, ie A1’s results against A2 and A3 will count towards the afternoon pool table and so on. This changes the format away from straight play off games in the afternoon.


The BSKA would like to thank it’s members for their constructive feedback, in providing a reasonable alternative to the proposed format and are pleased that the issue was dealt with in a positive manner and urge all clubs to be fully aware that the BSKA is a democratic membership organisation and takes input, suggestions and comments very seriously indeed.

The BSKA looks forward to two well organised and enjoyable tournaments, and thanks the hosts (University of Birmingham and Leeds University) for their efforts in hosting the events.

For more information please email