Participation, Leadership and Performance

Following discussions with BUCS, the BSKA executive are in the process of drafting a new 3-5 year plan. Exec Chairman Rob Bloomer gives you an introduction to the plan…

Student Korfball gets stronger every year. At this years AGM we heard that student korfball was flourishing, but that this was in spite of the BSKA, rather than because of it. This years executive think that neither should be directly the case. The BSKA should exist to effectively support the great work of University clubs and dedicated volunteers across the country.

To this end we have begun drafting a new plan for the future of British Student Korfball. The plan will be expressly designed to deliver tangible positives to student korfball. We will focus on three initiatives in particular; Participation, Leadership and Performance.


This year we will have 22 student clubs participating in BUCS regional qualifiers. There are also a number of startup clubs that won’t make it this year. In the short term our goal is to reach the next BUCS accreditation marker of 30+ university clubs playing competitve BUCS Korfball. There are further BUCS targets to hit based on how many teams compete at BUCS events and our target is ambitious, as it should be. As it stands our existing clubs have an average of 2.6 teams (based on last year’s BSKA club survey) so a realistic but challenging target in the medium term is to get 80 teams participating in various BUCS events. In the very near future this will include the Club Championships event thus hugely boosting our BUCS participation and in future the move to a league system to accommodate more teams is likely. Many lessons about this will be learnt from this years’ Central England Student Korfball League, which will help inform our work in this area.


Every Club needs leaders and the BSKA needs leaders too. the leadership section of our plan will lay out how we intend to better support clubs during handover and make the management of a university club easier through simplifying what we do wherever possible.

Our sport also relies heavily on coaches and referees, and as we progress our sport more volunteers will be needed, in more forms. We will also look to support and develop more coaches and referees than we previously have done and will represent the needs of student volunteers in all forms to national governing bodies and area associations. In both respects employability is a huge issue for all students. The BSKA will do what it can to assist in the personal development of members, in order to make korfball not just hugely enjoyable, but also a worthwhile experience to take part in at university for the future.


Performance will be a section aimed at driving high performance and raising the standard of competitive korfball in UK universities. With the IKF and FISU in talks and currently planning to arrange a test IKF University World Cup at some point in 2015, the BSKA will aim to be central in assisting in the organisation for the event along with developing an exceptional and regular international programme for talented korfball players in our clubs. Should the 2015 World Cup succeed, Korfball looks set to be a regular feature in FISU world championships and our performance programme along with the quality of our existing competition structure and strong clubs will mean team GB will be aiming for medals.

Of course with all of these aims we will introduce measurement to ensure we meet our goals. We will continue to work on this plan with the assistance of the national governing bodies of England, Scotland, Wales and the British Korfball Association in all areas.

I should be clear that this plan, incorporating broadly new things, will not mean that we forget our original responsibilities to student korfball. The BSKA is and always will be committed to providing high quality competition between UK universities, effective representation of our members views and a great experience clubs and their members.

We look forward to working with you all as this plan begins to take student korfball in the UK to a higher level.