BSKA Club Championships to become BUCS Trophy Event





This year the BSKA has agreed with BUCS that Club Championships will become a new BUCS Trophy event. The BUCS Trophy is a second tier competition which broadly follows all of the same formatting as Club Championships.

In essence BUCS will accredit the event and provide medals for it, but the points structure of the original BUCS competition, National Championships will hold, and BUCS points will not be available for the Trophy Competition.

BSKA Chairman Rob Bloomer commented that “The BSKA hopes that the inclusion of Club Championships in the BUCS programme proves beneficial for Universities in a number of ways. For some this may mean increased funding and support from their AU. For others, it may simply be that clubs can engage more of their members in representing their University in BUCS competition. Korfball has grown to the point where we should no longer limit the size of the BUCS programme to the National Championship cycle. We have many talented and committed players in the system that deserve the chance to play in BUCS and will now get that chance.”

The First BUCS Korfball Trophy will take place at Cardiff University on the 15th of March 2014.

For more information on the BUCS Trophy event, please contact the BSKA committee at